LLadro Porcelain

Lladro porcelain

This is our Lladro section. We specialise in earlier pieces, whether matte/gres or glossy finish. A relatively modern porcelain company set up in  1953 near Valencia, Spain by the 3 Lladró brothers: Juán, José and Vicente Lladró. 2 of them had trained at Nalda previously. From living in Spain I began collecting and growing my knowledge on this particular porcelain, easily distinguished by its pastel pallette and serene expressions, and came to prefer earlier pieces. 

I have been lucky enough to add previously unknown and uncatalogued pieces and prototypes I have discovered to the offical Lladro back catalogue

At Brittas Bay Antiques we retain a small selection of carefully picked prime figurines, and occasionally vases and lamps, perfect for the collector and to give as gifts.

Lladro Porcelain logo "Tulip Mark"
Lladro Porcelain logo "Tulip Mark"